There is more than meets the eye within the videos found throughout the Bible Study Hub. Each video is searchable, has transcripts and captioning available, and some are actually a playlist with several videos in one space. 

Each module contains a playlist of videos that you can watch all at once or one-at-a-time. Use the list icon at the top right of the video to access the playlist.

All of the videos have transcripts available to download and you can search the videos for any word or phrase. This is helpful if after going through the training you can't remember exactly where you heard a certain tip or teaching. 

(Pictures shown are from the desktop view. Mobile view may vary.)
You can also control the speed of the videos, go full screen, or even minimize the video (on desktop) to watch while you do other work on your computer.

Check out this tutorial to see these features in action.


You can customize the way you keep in touch with the Community. Just head to the top right corner, click your profile image, then look for the Notifications option in the menu.

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I love all the video player and search options! 
Yes! Loads of hidden fun. 🤩 
I love speed control.  I tell people I have to watch things on fast speed to get everything in I want to see since I am in my senior years. 

I LOVE speed control, too!

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