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The Bible Study Hub Community is run by an amazing team! Be sure to click over to their profiles to learn more about each of them.

Kela takes care of many behind-the-scenes tasks to help the Bible Study Hub Community run smoothly!

Kayla Reichard keeps everything looking pretty and cohesive.

Our coaches are here to help with the daily discussions in the Club and general encouragement toward studying!Β 

Kela Β 


Our Interns work for six months in various roles throughout the Community (see and unseen!) to help keep everything running smoothly!

Melissa Barnes
Sallie Belle Howell

Let them know below how thankful you are for all their hard work!

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Thank you Β for everything you do! Y’all are fantastic!!!Β 
Thank you for creating this wonderful space and experience to delve deeper into God's Word and nurture our relationships with Him. I am grateful for all you do Katie and team!!!Β 
So thankful for this new place to go to for all things Bible!
Thanks guys. Your hard work is appreciated. Enjoying the fruits of your laborπŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ
Thank all of you for all you do to make this a place to share, grow, learn and retreat from the noise of life at times.

Big thank you for creating such a wonderful platform with all this easy understandable resources. I pray that this community will grow and that many people can find access to the word of God πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ
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Author, Speaker, Bible Coach
Amen to that!

I’m so grateful for all you do. God blessΒ 
This site is just awesome! Β Thank each of you ladies gpfor all your time and hard work you put in to make this site so terrific!

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